Terma City / Beauty Center


You will have a smooth skin with special skin care products and clay and you will be informed by our expert about this. The care techniques applied in our facility:

Chocolate Care: The effects and feelings of chocolate on the body are very special. Cocoa contains antioxidants and natural essences have beneficial effects on the whole organism. Cocoa butter helps to sofren, nourish and moisturize the body, and also reduces the effects of aging. Provides positive thinking by secreting the hormone of happiness. Massage method applied to the whole body.

Honey Massage: One of the oldest Tibet threpies, honey massage is known as soft tissue massage. The effects of massage are mainly seen by the interaction of active biological properties of human skin and honey such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutritious ingredients. Mental and pyhsical fatigue in the respiratory tract is a good healing method in such disorders as sleep disturbance. Massage method applied to the whole body.

Moss Care: It is one of the oldest and most effective natural methods of cellulite removal and firming. With the moss, toxins are eliminated in the body and oxygen is easily absorbed and circulation becomes more organized. Because of its rich vitamins and minerals, it also has a solvent and regenerative effect on the oils in the cellulites. It prevents the formation of fat in the problematic area and skin tightening. Moss, which contains substances that inhibit imbalances in the troid hormone, accelerates metabolism. Different mineral contents soften the skin, cleans the skin silky ensures.

Clay Care: It combines clay and thermal waters to relax muscles and joints. It cleans the pores and makes skin look soft and refreshed. Prevents osteoarthritis increases the resistance of the skin. It takes electrical current from the body.

Mud Care: Mud care has been at the service of Health and beauty for thousands of years. This is because of the important minerals. These substances balance the fluid in the body, renew the cell, regulate metabolism and relieving joint pains. It also has calming and relaxing properties. Apply to the whole body.


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