Terma City / Spa


SPA, which is the abbreviation of Salus Per Aquam, is known as health coming from or with water, which is the combination of words of health and water in Latin. In general terms. In the general sense, it can be said that, health, fitness, aesthetic and beauty, healing, water and water winning with healing power.

Treatments in SPA can be classified as wet therapy (hydrotherapy), dry therapy (massages, wrapping up of body), wellness therapies (oxygen breathing) and beauty therapies. A SPA center includes sauna, baths and SPA pool in general. The difference of Terma City is that it puts our rich mineral thermal waters into your service.

SPA’s prominent services are as follows:

  • It regulates the blood circulation
  • It expedites detox process
  • It helps digestive system to function regularly.
  • It helps in healing process of rheumatic diseases. Used in hydrotherapic treatment.
  • It softens and relaxes the muscles. It removes spasms especially seen in tired and rigid muscle structure after physical labour such as work out. Eases pains in bone and joints.
  • It helps body dynamism to recover. It charges energy to body so to say.
  • It eliminates negative effects of intense work pressure on nervous system such as mental fatigue, exhaustion, and invigorates.
  • It removes excessive electric charge in body, provides comfort.
  • It has curative effect in recovery of depressive problems such as tension or sleep disorders at night.
  • Yağların eritilip vücudun forma girmesine, derinin ve cilt dokusunun pürüzsüzleşmesine, güzelleşmesine faydası vardır. It helps body to lose fat and get fit, provides smoothness and beauty to skin and skin texture.


Neck / Back Massage: There are many beneficial effects on the health of the person being massaged. It is a massage used as a relaxation method for body to start the day vigorously or to get rid of daily distress and tiredness. It is only applied to neck and back as the name implies.

Antistress Massage : It is a massage method that relaxes the body physically by regulating the blood circulation, relaxing muscles, directly effecting on nervous system. It is applied to foot, back and neck as stress areas of the body.

Classic Massage: It expedites blood circulation of all body parts, relaxes thoroughly muscular and nervous system. It is a massage method applied to the whole body starting from feet including leg, back and arms.

Aromatherapy Massage: It is applied to whole body by using various massage oil prepared by sap. Tempo of massage is low, intensity of application is light. This massage method has relieving, relaxing and soothing effect.

Health Massage: Improves the blood circulation of the whole body, allowing the blood to flow in the body regularly. It kills muscle pains, helps them to relax. Painkiller, myorelaxant cream and pomade are applied. It is a whole body massage.


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