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The hot springs of Yalova, formerly called Pythia, occurred in 2000 BC as a result of an earthquake. The hot springs of Yalova, which lived in the period of Ancient Greeks, Roman, Byzantine, Selçuk and Ottomans, were restored on various dates by King Constantinus, King Iustinianos, Sultan Orhan, Sultan Hamit and Sultan Mecid. The daughter of Istanbul feudal landlord, Eleni, Iustinianos and his wife Sophia, the mother of Constantinus, Empress Helen, Theodora and Sulran Mecid, were treated here and healed. According to Ramsey, the name of the Yalova hot spring is Pylai. Those who wrote the crusades recorded it as Helenopolis. The small Asian tribes living on the continent of Bitinya believed that hot springs springing from the ground occurred under the auspices of the temple, a dragon named garionnej and that the smoke coming out of the water had a prophecy of giving news from the future.

With the reflection of Greek culture and religion on the continent of Bitinya, Hercules, the god of force and athleticism by the Greeks and the protector of the hot waters, was revealed instead of Garyonej.

After Hercule, Asklepios (underground snake) was known as the god of health. In the time of Asklepios and after that Nymphes (Houries) was worshipped. They believed in the existence of many Nymphes, with the God Dragon and Hercules, who gave information about the steam coming out of the caves. The patients who came here, they made a vow to heal the houries. (Votive Stelas in Kurşunlu Bath) and the patients healing from the godly power of these houries lying in the sleep of the temple. Patients who slept in the Temple told their dreams to the prophets of the time and adapted to the interpretations of the priests to shape their lives. In fact, King Constantinus came here in accordance with this tradition and made a vow in the Buharlı Kemer and made a war against the Iranians when it appeared victorious as a result of the interpretation of the patients into the sleep of the temple.

With the establishment of the Republic, the quality of Yalova’s Thermal Spring City has gained new dimensions and has been strengthened since ancient times. There is no doubt that, the most important reason for the emergence of these conditions, it is Atatürk. In 1929, he built mansions in the city of Yalova with his Thermal Atatürk Mansion and he came to Yalova at certain times to do both rest and work. In addition, Professor Dr. Arif Müfit Mansel has done research on the history of the region.

Termal; 12 km from Yalova and easy to reach. In addition to the Yalova-Termal highway whichis very busy line and has the opportunity to return day and night, the Termal-Çınarcık road also has the convenience of transportation.

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